In the News: FiDi Restaurant Report

••• The New York Times on how Lower Manhattan continues to struggle after Sandy. Including this: “Mr. Squadron, the state senator, said some of his constituents had expressed concern that Verizon was taking so long [to fix phone service] because it wanted to switch them over to FIOS, its network of fiber-optic cables that deliver phone, television and Internet service. Mr. Squadron said he had been assured that laying the fiber would take no longer than replacing the copper wires, but he said he did not know if that was true.”

••• Eater looks at the post-sandy state of the restaurants in the Financial District. Both of them. (Kidding! Sorry!) Also on Eater: “The historic Bridge Cafe […] won’t be open for two or three more months.”

••• “New Yorkers fed-up with their flood-prone apartments below 23rd Street now want to settle into uptown apartments, top brokers tell the Post.”

••• “Developers of Gwathmey [Bless you. —Ed.] Plaza—the city’s newest and still mostly unknown privately owned public space—are taking steps to make the small plaza more inviting to users.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Stealthy thieves swiped valuables from luxury apartments at ritzy 2 Gold St. in the Financial District after residents there were forced to vacate because of Hurricane Sandy, The Post has learned.”

••• STOP THE PRESSES! “More than 300 Gateway Plaza tenants filled the newly relocated SouthWest NY restaurant on South End Avenue in Battery Park City Sunday night for a holiday celebration.” —Tribeca Trib



  1. Thanks for posting a link to Tribeca Trib’s description of the wonderful Gateway Plaza tenants party. Events like these are what make BPC such a great community. I urge everyone to click through to the Tribeca Trib piece. We all had a joyous evening of neighbors getting together with neighbors to celebrate the holidays.

    Distressingly, our local “angry blog,”, had a very different take on this event. Blaring the headline: “Glenn Plaskin plots a secret anti-Asphalt Green rally at SouthWestNY tonight,” Steven Greer states: “BatteryPark.TV has learned that a covert anti-Asphalt Green rally is being planned and promoted by the Broadsheet, Glenn Plaskin, and Jeff Galloway. It will take place tonight at the new SouthWestNY restaurant and attendees will have no idea of the agenda since the meeting is billed as a “holiday party” for Gateway Plaza residents.” “Dr.” Greer then proceeds to spew a conspiratorial Asphalt Green tale that even his few credulous followers should find hard to stomach.

    In what may be a first, Greer has today scrubbed his blogsite of this story, perhaps finally embarrassed by one of his ridiculous rants. What next? Will he claim that the party was only a party because he single-handedly thwarted an “anti-Asphalt Green rally”?

  2. Nice catch, Lenny. That’s funny stuff. A little scary, but funny.