Seen & Heard: Federal Plaza Gets Classy

58 reade 121212••• 58 Reade is looking mighty nice after a façade refurbishment.

••• @NYCdowntowndiva reports that Church Street restaurant Baba Ghanouge is opening on Fulton.

Alex Katz••• Clocktower Gallery is selling this excellent Alex Katz print (“Hard Times Ahead”) for $2,500 as a fundraiser. I was tempted but then I decided he looks like Brian Williams, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

••• A reader asked about the signs along Greenwich warning about “restricted overnight parking” through February. Since the Port Authority put them up, I’m 99% sure it’s for when pieces of the WTC spire get trucked down to the site.

••• Not sure this comes through in the photo (click to enlarge), but the renovated Federal Plaza at Worth and Lafayette will have a lot of white marble seating in it. How swellegant! I asked the workers when it’d be open, and they said “this year.”

federal plaza 121312


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  1. you are correct about the WTC spire – i asked a construction worker late the other night and he said they were trucking in pieces of the antenna this week. thanks for keeping us updated!