Photo Safari!

As a neighbor of mine pointed out, one of the storefronts at 261 Broadway appears to be touting itself as a great site for a lesbian bar.

Last week’s fog brought a creepy effect to 1 World Trade Center.

Say what you will about the Patriot, it does often give good sign.


The Batmobile got refurbished! And/or Rust-Oleum really works.

I like my L’eggs sheer and with control top, thanks.

109 Reade was doing a neat Wild West thing a while back.

No snark here: I spent at least a minute staring straight up as a flock of birds flew in circles above Church Street.



  1. I bet that blogger Eric can’t stand loud noise in the morning and is a crank without coffee.

    Poorly dressed people make him irritated.

    He has a short attention span perhaps

    Just trying to create a psychological profile to explain the “snarkiness”.

  2. Great pics and comments. thanks for posting.

  3. Anyone know the story of the ‘batmobile’ above. I see it all the time parked at broadway and Franklin?

  4. @Randy: Good question. I tried looking online a while back, but I didn’t find anything. Someone must know….

  5. I think it might be owned by the metal band “overkill” it says that on the side of the limo….i’ve always wondered as well. I love it!