Seen & Heard: The Butterfly Has Been Pushed Back

salisbury steak by Michael White••• I’m working on a Progress Report, so expect a bunch of updates on upcoming businesses (including these)…. Confirming rumors around the neighborhood, the opening of the Butterfly—the cocktail bar with Wisconsin-inspired food from Michael White and startender (ugh! I didn’t just do that!) Eben Freeman behind the bar, coming to the squat white building at 225 W. Broadway—has been pushed way back. “Hoping for March. Major delays” was the response when I emailed the PR rep. (That’s a photo of salisbury steak, being considered for the menu a few months back.)

••• I peeked through the window at the new Citibank at W. Broadway and Duane, and it looks like it’s close to ready.

••• Superstar Gym, coming to Truffles Tribeca, says it’s opening soon: “Our gym got a little delayed due to construction and flooding. Thank God our equipment that was custom made for Tribeca by our factory in Spain did not get damaged.”

••• DeRose Method, coming to 55 Murray, says it should open in mid-January.

••• You might have seen Saleya, the new restaurant on W. Broadway, looking open the other night—it was just a private party. They’re crossing their fingers that their liquor license will come by next week.


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