Where in Tribeca…? Special Apocalyptic Edition!

In honor of the Mayan calendar hoo-ha, I’ve photographed seven “fallout shelter” signs in Tribeca. Can you name which street each one is on? Hint: Two are on the same street. There’s no physical prize; winning is its own reward.



  1. Okay, here goes…:

    #1- Duane between Hudson & West Broadway.
    #2- Hudson between Leonard and Worth.
    #3- Broadway between White and Walker.
    #4- Walker between Broadway & Lafayette.
    #5- Ditto.
    #6- Thomas between West Broadway & Broadway.
    #7- Laight between Greenwich & Hudson.

  2. @Robert: You got four of them right….

  3. #7 is 47 Vestry Street

  4. Only 4…I must be slipping :). Good thing I didn’t need a shelter today!

  5. @Robert: I was impressed! You were close in that two of the ones you got wrong (#4 and #5) are indeed on the same street. And yes, #7 is Vestry.

  6. Does Howard get Union rates?

  7. @Betty: We actually joke about the Pug Union and how he’ll threaten to report us when he thinks he’s not being treated acceptably…. But fear not. He’s totally spoiled.

  8. Just to be clear: Robert was right about 1, 2, 3, and 6. And Amy was right about 7.

    And I said that 4 and 5 were the same street.

    A reader emailed his own photo of 4 (without Howard), so I guess we could call this over, but he didn’t do it publicly….

  9. I haven’t a clue, but the non-apocalypse becomes Howard. He sure looks cute!

  10. Not only is Howard adorable, he seems to be well behaved as well… sitting there like a pug pin up..

  11. Are 4 & 5 on Desbrosses between Hudson & Greenwich?