Seen & Heard: Peace & Love Closed Till Spring

All Good Things wall 1212••• Now that I’ve decided that All Good Things should paint a sign on its eastern wall—you know, like the ones that you still see around—I really wish it would happen. It’s exactly what that stretch of Sixth/Church needs!

peace and love••• “Peace & Love has a note on the door,” reports a reader. “Closed as of Dec 30 for renovations—to reopen in three months.” That’s some renovation!

••• Also from a reader: “The scaffolds are coming down over Bouley and Nobu. Both beautiful buildings. My morning walk is getting prettier!”

••• And Andrea sent over photographic proof that the two-story building at 403 Greenwich Street is officially gone. What’s being built there.

403 Greenwich by Andrea


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  1. I think that a mural on the side of the All Good Things building is such a great idea! Not only would it help to give some character to an otherwise nondescript section of Church/Sixth Ave, but it would attract customers too!