Seen & Heard: Are the Clintons Moving to Tribeca?

••• On January 14, Parker Posey will be at 92YTribeca to discuss Party Girl. Maybe you had to be there….

••• This is just a rumor but what a rumor! A reader writes to say that “This is totally unsubstantiated but a rumor is going around [location redacted] that the Clintons are looking at a place in Tribeca. They are in the midst of dealing with a coop board….” My money is on River Lofts; Meryl Streep is a Friend of Hillary, after all. If anyone knows anything, I’m all ears:, 917-209-6473, anonymity guaranteed. Update: A reader points out that River Lofts is condos, not a coop.

••• Andrew posted a comment on the Then and Now #5 post: “Anyone know what the Raw Cream Music Building was? Recording studio? Music shop? Something else?” If anyone knows anything about that, I’d love to know, too (but a little less urgently).

••• From the LMCCC regarding the South Ferry subway station: “Reopening timing is still speculative, but engineers estimate it will take approximately six to 12 months.”

••• Also from the LMCCC: “73 Warren Street Crane Lift Weekend Closure.” The tweet had a link that goes to the organization’s home page, and I can’t find anything there about this. I wonder if they mean 37 Warren, the big conversion at Church? Update: The second LMCCC update—I get two each Friday, and I can’t tell why they’re different (and I tried unsubscribing to one once but it wanted a password…?)—says “A planned crane operation at 73 Warren Street will fully close the roadway between Greenwich Street and West Broadway this weekend. The closure will be in place Saturday, January 5th from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, January 6th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastbound traffic will be detoured to Park Place.”

••• Also from the LMCCC: “Starting this weekend, Ann Street will be closed between Park Row and Nassau Street for Con Edison utility work related to 133 Nassau Street service. The closure will take place every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. through approximately early March 2013.”

••• Speaking of Ann and Nassau Streets… I wandered over there to see about where a 40-story building adjacent to 5 Beekman could go. There is indeed a slice of land (below) south of 5 Beekman, on Nassau. It’s right next to 113 Nassau, the 30-story building going up now (it’s L-shaped, with frontage at 21 Ann—making me wonder if that last item isn’t about 113 Nassau). And there’s an 18-story hotel going up around the corner at 49 Ann. Soon you won’t be able to see your own shadow.

5 beekman tower site on nassau



  1. That makes all the sense in the world Erik! I could not for the life of me figure out where 5 Beekman was going to fit in 90 Condominium units after they repurpose the current building into an almost 300 room hotel. The answer, of course, is a brand new tower to house the apartments.

    I remember that before 113 Nassau was announced the owner of the lot split them in 2. 113 Nassau is now rising on the southern parcel. The northern parcel has been used as a staging area but could easily handle another tower. Presumably, 5 Beekman owns this parcel.

    New York by Gehry is indeed having the effect we all knew would occur. FiDi’s last little forlorn corner will not be forlorn for much longer. :-)

  2. @Luis: And then there’s the 34-story Pace dorm in the works for 33 Beekman….

  3. p.s. If this is true it means that within ONE block of this site the following have opened or are under construction: New York by Gehry (76 Story Rental), 113 Nassau (28 story rental or condo), 49 Ann (ALoft Hotel by W), 133 Beekman (30 Story Pace Dorm), 5 Beekman (almost 300 room Hotel, 12,000 sf Event space and High end restaurant). Very exciting indeed!

  4. Definitely not river lofts. Damaged by the hurricane.