Seen & Heard: Is Peace & Love Closed for Good?

David Wiseman votivecar R 20th Century 1813••• Zesty Meyers at R 20th Century encouraged me to come check out the gallery’s David Wiseman exhibit, which has been extended through January 26, and I’m glad he did, because it’s marvelous work. This is Wiseman’s first exhibit. He’s depressingly young (30) and outrageously talented, creating mirrors, furniture, and tabletop items with metalwork, porcelain, and cloisonné. Many of the larger pieces are customizable, but I fell especially hard for the gingko votive pictured above. The porcelain leaves are held on by watch screws. (Photo by Sherry Griffin for R 20th Century.) I also got a kick out of the kid’s car, downstairs, made by Tyler Hays of BDDW. It’s $60K, wouldn’t you know. But come on, can’t you just see Howard in there?

••• I hear that Peace & Love café isn’t reopening at all, despite the “three-month renovation” sign in the window. I don’t have a contact there, so I can’t verify it. If anyone knows how to reach Sergio, please email me at UPDATE 2/4/13: They say it is indeed reopening, but after four months.

••• Canal Park Playhouse reopened this past weekend. As you can imagine, Sandy was not good to it.

••• From Pen Parentis: “Authors Sean Ferrell, Emily Raboteau and Victor LaValle will take the stage [on Feb. 12] at 7 p.m. to read from new works and discuss the balance of a creative career with an active family life.”

••• The other day, Adam asked whether the staticky bursts coming from a truck on Chambers were to warn about its backing up, and I realized he was right—it’s a noise-mitigation technique. What I don’t understand is why, if it’s good enough for certain projects, it can’t become an industry standard? Not just for construction but for all vehicles? The piercing beeps are far louder than they need to be.

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