In the News: Film Festival Building to Become Condos

••• “Longtime lower Manhattan resident and community board member Harold Reed has died at the age of 75. CB1 Chairwoman Catherine McVay Hughes called Reed, who for many years acted as chairman of the board’s arts and entertainment task force, a ‘cherished and esteemed colleague’ in an email sent out to community members announcing the news of his passing Thursday.” —DNAinfo

courtesy Tribeca Film Festival••• “The iconic headquarters of the Tribeca Film Festival [13-17 Laight], an 80,000-square-foot building known for its wraparound film festival signage, has traded for $56 million, The Real Deal has learned. Its buyer, an LLC registered to James Bishop, of Florida-based investment advisory firm Whitestar Advisors, hopes to expand and repurpose the property as luxury condominiums.” Also: “Vera Wang president Mario Grauso lives in the building, paying $17,500 a month, according to marketing materials.” Photo courtesy Tribeca Film Festival.

••• In the long run, Sandy might be good for Verizon. Once it’s done repairing and updating, the company “will have a fully modernized infrastructure downtown that could make it more competitive and profitable.” —Crain’s

••• Architect Daniel Libeskind talks to the Wall Street Journal about designing his apartment at 1 Hudson.



  1. Everyone in New York knows that Daniel Libeskind paid Alex Gorlin to design his apartment for him, and DoB records confirm that Alex is the architect. So why does Libeskind persist in lying that it’s his own design? It’s bad enough that he tells everyone he’s still the Master Planner at Ground Zero even though he’s been replaced for just about every aspect of that project. Sheesh …. doesn’t this guy understand the difference between lying and telling the truth? Does Libeskind think New Yorkers are stupid?

  2. Daniel Libeskind is an over-ripe sack of foul-smelling hot air. Who cares what this pretentious nobody has to say?