The Shopdogs of Tribeca (Vol. 4)

Let’s pay tribute to the Employees of the Month—who would like their treats now, thank you very much. (Also worth checking out: Shopdogs Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3)

henry upside downANNELORE
Name: Henry
Breed: Goldendoodle
Owner/parent/boss: Juliana Cho and Craig Koketsu
What’s his workday like? All play and no work for Henry. He gets in about noon. He eats lunch. He roams the store to see if there is any trouble he can get into. He chases his own tail for a while. He falls asleep for three hours at a time. And his specialty is running up to the customers so they can gush over how cute he is. He loves the ladies!
Anything else we should know? He has a tendency to wink at you if you stare at him.


Name: Sam (Samantha)
Breed: German shorthair pointer. The Masterati of hunting dogs—if you don’t know how to drive it, you’re miserable.
Owner/parent/boss: Pam.
What’s her workday like? On market day, we’re up at 3 a.m., in the van by 4 a.m., and at the market by 6 a.m. We leave by 2 p.m. She spends her time at the market sitting, watching me, peeing, and waiting to leave. And hitting up stands where she might get food.
Anything else we should know? She likes gingko nuts. She just inhales them.


tent and trails patti gucci 122612TENT & TRAILS
Name: Patti Gucci
Breed: Tuxedo.
Owner/parent/boss: Jamie Lipman and Creig Jackson.
What’s her workday like? Sleep, eat, sleep, supervise footwear department, sleep on top of duffel bags, sleep inside her tent, check out food bowl, complain, sleep.
Anything else we should know? Patti loves attention but not crowds. And she is crazy about cat treats.


Stella birds 121712STELLA
Names: Serenity (left) and Bob
Breed: Parakeet
Owner/parent/boss: Iris is the main caregiver and has them on a healthy diet of fresh veggies and fruit.
What’s their workday like? Their day is full on! From their position at the front door they greet all the customers and entertain the children whilst mums and dads shop. They chatter all day, keeping the store sounding friendly and working the crowd. By the end of the day, they are exhausted and waiting to be covered up for the evening—ready on their sleeping perch.
Anything else we should know? Bob’s trip to the vet to remove a piece of thread that was caught around his toe created a following of children who would visit to see how he was doing. It also precipitated his diet—at the age of five months he was deemed overweight!


tribeca smiles shopdogTRIBECA SMILES
Name: Starr Solomon
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Owner/parent/boss: Dr. Frederick E. Solomon of Tribeca Smiles
What’s her workday like? Starr likes to wake gently with a nice belly rub, then off we go to see the neighborhood during our morning walk. Then, some breakfast: dog food and people food mixed, please! Then, a little nap and another walk. OK, time to get dressed and off to work! She makes everyone comfortable and helps them to smile—especially the kids, who love to pet her very soft ears. She loves everyone and everyone loves her.
Anything else we should know? She was named Starr because of the white star on her chest.



  1. Pet photography is hard, but you’ve mastered it – great perspective.
    Lots of practice with Howard has really paid off.

  2. I just LOVE Patti at Tent & Trails. She always gives me a big “purrrrrr”. I was in buying a great pair of hiking boots last week (they were having a nice sale), and Patti and I had a bit of a chat, or well she just purrrred. She does love being scratched under the chin.

    See you later this week Patti, I need a new ski jacket!!!!

  3. Though you can hardly hear it, the birds and cat are saying “come now, Eric, you’ve learned to call “congressmen” “congress members”. Can you not refer to us as shopdogs? Not that there’s anything wrong with being a dog, but this is 2013. Great work otherwise!”

  4. And yes, we realize it’s spelled “Erik”. We’re playing with you. We like to play.