Restaurant Closed

“Do you know what happened to 35 Thai on Lispenard?” emailed Corby last night. “It appears to have closed.” The website is still up, Seamless says it’s “not currently open” and GrubHub says, “This restaurant is not taking orders today.” I called and, sure enough, the number has been disconnected. “They always did have strange hours,” said a barista at La Colombe when I asked if they had noticed whether it was closed for good. If anyone sees it reopen, please let me know at!

“So sad because it was really good and one of the only real Thai options,” emailed Corby when I told him that it certainly looks closed (and that I wasn’t sure there was much more to say than that). A week or two ago, someone asked on Twitter whether there were any good Thai restaurants in the area—it has long been a strange deficiency—and the two suggestions that other folks made were Café Sage on John Street and Bennie’s Thai Café on Fulton.

I emailed Andrea at Downtown Lunch to see if she had any advice. “Bennie’s Thai is by far the best in the FiDi, in my opinion, because they offer some dishes that veer off from the usual same five noodle, fried rice, or over rice options that you usually find. I’m also a fan of Lemon Leaves on Nassau which is the chef from the shuttered Lemongrass Grill cooking Thai inside Koodo Sushi. I’ve had a couple of really good lunches from there and it’s reasonably priced.”



  1. We love Mangez Avec Moi on West Broadway between Warren and Murray. Serves great southeast Asian cuisine and has quirky non commercial character. Check it out!

  2. Mangez!