Seen & Heard: Prime Duane Park Storefront

••• Tech-solution company Cytex One has left the storefront next to Shoofly. (The website says they’re on the third floor of the building next door, 50 Hudson.) That’s quite the prime storefront…. It’d be great to see something that makes Duane Park even more of a mini shopping destination.

••• Speaking of Duane Park…. Duane Park the restaurant, around the corner, will be in Tribeca through Feb. 16.

••• The next Tribeca Meet & Greet, organized by the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, is Thursday, Feb. 7, at the Mysterious Bookshop (6:30-9 p.m.). Everyone is welcome.

••• From Jennifer: “After reading ‘recent dining experience’ reviews for Harry’s Italian on Gold, I called to place an order. As expected, my call was redirected to Murray, however I was happily informed that they expect Gold St. to reopen within 4-5 weeks. Fingers crossed.”

••• As I was driving by Pier 40 yesterday, thinking about its dire financial situation, I wondered…. Couldn’t 550 Washington (the big building at Houston that recently changed hands) buy the air rights from Pier 40? And if Pier 40 doesn’t have any air rights, couldn’t the city or state grant some?

••• Nona Hendryx will be at Lotus salon/gallery on Monday, Jan. 28, “for a night of music, art and celebration.” Details here.



  1. It’s not just Harry’s. 2 Gold and all of their Maiden Street retail is projected to open on or before Valentines Day. Same goes for Luke’s Lobster on South William. The opening of the 50 story 2 Gold and its 30 story adjunct is a big deal as thousands of displaced residents will be returning to the area as it quickly recovers from Sandy’s devastation.

  2. what is the Tribeca meet and greet about??? just as it sounds?? lol

  3. @Darcy: I didn’t explain it because they’ve been going on for years now, and I get tired of typing the same thing. Here’s a description from the email:

    Lower Manhattan has certainly been through some interesting times in the past couple of months. Please take this occasion to come together to share our adventures and celebrate the resilience of our community.

    What better way to warm up a cold winter evening than to meet some neighbors over a spicy thriller or a fiendish detective story. Please join us at The Mysterious Bookshop at 58 Warren Street on Thursday Feb 7 anytime between 6:30 and 9 PM. One of the oldest mystery specialist stores in America, The Mysterious Bookshop is now in its 34th year. They deal in the newest crime fiction as well as first editions and autographed copies. Previously located in midtown, the bookshop now calls Tribeca its home. Everybody’s welcome and this is a FREE event.

    Come with ideas or just come to shake hands – let us know how we can work together as businesses, families or individuals.

    If you have never attended a Tribeca Meet & Greet, now’s the time. We have been meeting in a different Tribeca restaurant or business about once a month. We’ve been able to exchange some ideas, do some networking and have a drink with the neighbors. Some people show up for the full evening, some just drop by to say hello. Frankly Wines at 66 West Broadway will kindly provide some beverages and MaxDelivery will bring some nibblybits. This means that four local businesses (and more!) have joined in presenting this event. If anyone else would like to contribute, please contact me at the address below.

    We expect to have a friendly group and a terrific time with a chance to learn some useful things about our neighborhood. Please feel free to bring business cards, menus, flyers and other information about you and your business. I am thrilled to say that these get-togethers are now in their eighth year Tribeca Meet and Greet is organized by BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

  4. @Erik; Thanks for so faithfully posting the Meet & Greet invites.

    @Darcy: Just as it sounds – this is an ever-moving open house and a way to connect with neighbors and local businesses. This may be a good time to mention that I’m always looking for folks who’d like to host and to thank Frankly Wines and MaxDelivery for being such terrific supporters. It really is amazing to realize that this has gone on for many years.

    Hope to see you there.

    If you have any other questions, please contact me directly: