Seen & Heard: Citibank Rendering

branch••• The new Citibank coming to the old Bouley Bakery-Market-Wine-Bar space has a sign in the window with a QR code—still not tempted to use that technology—and a URL that leads to an opening date (Feb. 11) and a rendering of what kind of signage we can expect. Would one “Citibank” on the W. Broadway side not have been enough?

••• Anyone else noticed that an awful lot of crosswalk signs around here are sending the walk-and-don’t-walk mixed message?

••• Thank you, Sotheby’s International Realty broker Wayne Burkey! He identified three “Unknown” 80s photos. Two weren’t in Tribeca, so I don’t feel like I should’ve known them. The other one, however, was right in front of our nose. Click here to see the “now” photos.

••• I need advice: We need a simple, modern piece of furniture—could be a cabinet or a end table—to hold our stereo, and I can think of three stores that might have something (but don’t) for relatively cheap. (I don’t want to spend a lot on a piece of furniture that no one should notice.) Where else should I look? Stores don’t have to be in Tribeca.



  1. That would have made such a good Starbucks.

  2. any food thing would have been better than a bank. :(

  3. or good nail salon

  4. Still horrifed that they dropped the ceilings. My wine storage sports the same look… and it’s in the basement.

  5. Re: furniture for stereo, not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but have you tried googling “AV racks” and “AV stands”? There are some minimalist looking ones that would work for holding components in the $100-200 range.

    Re: Citibank, YUCK.

  6. Have you tried CB2 or Room and Board? Not far from here. Also, maybe Gus Modern.

  7. Ikea, red hook brooklyn. cheap and modern
    quality is better than it used to be
    and they have meatballs

  8. Good source for clean and modern design, well-constructed and relatively inexpensive furniture: Room and Board. They have a showroom in Soho, but it’s all on-line for ordering.