Who’s Moving in Next to Drybar

34 leonard 12213New blowout salon Drybar will soon have a neighbor: Cheryl Cohen of Trend Setter Real Estate reports that Gloria Jewel has signed a lease for the space. Gloria Jewel, despite its name, isn’t a jewelry store—it sells women’s clothing. (I wish I could tell you something about it based on the list of designers, but women’s fashion isn’t my ball of yarn.) The brand, founded by Megan Leary and named after her grandmothers, has three locations in the Hamptons. Any readers who regularly spend time out east, feel free to explain what to expect when Gloria Jewel opens its first New York City shop.


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  1. Gloria Jewel is a wonderful boutique, carrying a carefully edited stock of casual wear for all seasons. They offer simple but beautifully designed fashions at surprisingly affordable prices. I never go shopping in the Hamptons but this is one store for which I make an exception. I’ve loved everything I have purchased there and never miss the store’s excellent sales. Awesome news that Megan is bringing her lovely store to Tribeca!