Shadowland (Vol. 4)

shadow leaves on van 51612I’m a shadow since you’re gone
Just a shadow in the dawn
That breaks in the sand
A shadow lost in shadowland.

Maybe K.D. Lang’s “Shadowland”—from the fantastic album of the same name—is too sad for these photos, but there is something wistful about them, isn’t there?

Shadowland (Vol. 1)
Shadowland (Vol. 2)
Shadowland (Vol. 3)

shadow church 12612shadow watts 11512shadow tree vestry 11512shadow duane 91212shadow greenwich 81612shadow water tower on white 22512shadow duane globes 91212shadow vestry 61812shadow duane and church 12612shadow watts and west 22812shadow greenwich 91212shadow church 91212shadow workers renwick 91312



  1. I recognize most of these! Fantastic.

  2. Great photos . Who did them ? Did you Eric ?

  3. Thanks, Bronwyn! Yes, they’re by me.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks, Erik!