Seen & Heard: Inside 250 West

••• Fika looks very close to opening its new location inside Truffles Tribeca. Update: Just heard that they’ll “slowly open the doors tomorrow.”

••• Work actually appears to be happening at 502 Canal (right). UDPATE: Andrea points out that around the corner, some very serious work is going on. It’s about time these landmarks got treated respectfully.

••• Ameena Meer blogged about how her home got flooded by the construction work next door at 11 N. Moore, and how developer VE Equities admitted culpability and then changed its mind. VE Equities co-owner Zach Vella, , it’s worth noting, lives right on the other side of Meer.

••• A film called Motel is shooting around Reade and Broadway today. The plot, according to IMDB: “A criminal bides his time at a seedy motel, waiting for his boss after killing several men and making away with a mystery bag.” Starring Robert De Niro, John Cusack, Crispin Glover, and Sticky Fingaz (as Lizard); directed by David Grovic.

••• Had a very good dinner at Aamanns-Copenhagen last night—and was pleased to see the restaurant is selling loaves of its rye bread.

••• From Tribeca Trust: “How did Tribeca get its Historic Districts? Why do they matter? Are they protected enough? Come hear from insiders who made our history at a panel discussion organized by Tribeca Trust. Sunday, Feb. 24, 4-6 p.m., New York Law School, entrance at W. Broadway and Leonard. Tribecan Hal Bromm will moderate a free, panel discussion with celebrated guest authors Anthony Tung and Andrew Dolkart. The event is pay as you wish. No RSVP necessary.” Anyone else detect a touch of irony in the choice of venue?

••• Terra Wine Bar has gone behind plywood—a good sign.

••• To celebrate the imminent opening of its Maiden Lane location, Roti Mediterranean Grill is giving away a year of roti (burp!) to one lucky winner.

••• I went to the Designer Visions showhouse—we had three peeks inside a while back—party last night at 250 West, the big new building that runs along Hubert from Washington to West. Photos, from top: Part of the penthouse terrace (the penthouse, which is still under construction, takes up the western half of the building—it’ll be around 5,500 square feet, with 4,200 more square feet of terrace—and the price will be around $40 million; the eastern half of the roof will be communal); a hallway (I assume they all look like this—please note that the lighting isn’t yellow, it just turned that way on my camera); an elevator in the lobby; the main entrance; and the penthouse’s street entrance (the penthouse has its own private entrance, with around 1,500 square feet, including a restroom and room for a car).



  1. $40 million for that carpet?

  2. @Liz: That hallway was in the non-penthouse part of the building. Presumably the PH owner can carpet his/her entrance however he/she likes.

  3. Finally Fika!

    Thanks for update :)