The Seaport, Three Months Later

Yesterday, I walked Howard over to the Seaport, and I was dejected to find so much still boarded up (although work was going on here and there). Before I continue, however, please note what is open:

Seaport openI went back today around 1 p.m. to take photos. As you can see from the gallery below, there’s still a long way to go—let’s hope some of the federal relief money will quickly be applied here. In the meantime, go support the businesses that are open! As if Sandy weren’t enough, many also have to cope with the massive Peck Slip restoration project.


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  1. I had dinner on Wednesday night at Acqua and last night at Cowgirl. Both had good turnout and the food at both was great. This area will rebbound to be sure though not with all of the original restaurants. Some are moving on. It appears that Barbarini is moving to the District in the corner space at William and Ann and I’ve heard from a good source that another of the Front street restaurants is also taking a larger space space closer to Fulton. I’ll disclose who and where once I get confirmation.