In the News: About That Rat

••• The Wall Street Journal has an article on Fika’s new outpost (anyone know if it’s open? It wasn’t yesterday), spinning it as joining “an emerging cluster of gourmet-food makers that may help reclaim Tribeca’s reputation as a food-manufacturing district.” The two other examples are All Good Things (no manufacturing there) and the Bouley Test Kitchen, which—as the article points out—opened in 2005.

found rat poster••• The Real Deal followed up with broker Sonia Stock about the rat she found. If all you’re going to give me is a non-linking photo credit, at least get the name right.

••• “A major gold depository, claiming Hurricane Sandy made bullion soup of its inventory, is suing its Financial District landlord. Hundreds of millions of dollars in gold, platinum and palladium must be cleaned or melted down because the owners of 90 Broad St. did nothing to stop filthy floodwaters from inundating the firm’s basement vault, the suit alleges.” Can’t you just hose it off? —New York Post

••• The New York Times reviews Hamish Linklater’s The Vandal at the Flea.

••• The water-main break in the Flatiron affected some Tribeca residents, who reported everything from low pressure to no water at all. —New York Post (doesn’t mention downtown but whatever)

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