Seen & Heard: Did You Lose a Rat?

••• This is actually sad—I had a pet rat as a kid, so I empathize—but it brings up so many questions. How do you find a rat? How do you catch it? How do you know it’s domestic? (Because it’s friendly, I suppose.)

••• The sales office for 56 Leonard (a.k.a. the Jenga Building) will be at 75 Leonard.

••• Demo is indeed happening at the old Matsugen space at 66 Leonard. Details on the new restaurant are here.

••• Residents have started moving in to the Arman building at Greenwich and Canal (north side), if the bikes on the balconies are any indication. I’m still waiting for the artwork to appear on the façade.

••• New York Kids Club is indeed coming to 88 Leonard; signage went up.



  1. Last time they had that huge orange flag that says “56 Leonard Street” up at 75 Leonard Street I found myself redirecting delivery people about 50x/day.

  2. The 56 Leonard flag has been up for over a year.

  3. the 56 leonard street flag has been up since 2009

  4. @Alan and Heather: I’m no Leonard Street expert, but the flag struck me as new. (I mean a new version of the one that had been there.)

  5. Def a couple of units at Arman that are owner occupied. One since Dec?

  6. Sonia, you are a brave woman!

  7. ET – correct about flag.

  8. Generally a well socialized domestic pet rat that gets out is looking for a human to take care of them. People find pet rats more often than you might think. The rat will run right up to a person wanting food or attention. The first most obvious sign of domestication in rats, like most animals, is coloring. Second would be it’s docile, friendly behavior.