Seen & Heard: Who’s Snatching Pigeons?

fika stools••• Fika is open! (It’s in Truffles.) Full report Monday morning….

••• This email from C. creeped me out: “Walking in front of Independence Plaza [yesterday] morning, at about 11 a.m., saw a young man feeding pigeons. This is between N. Moore and Franklin, very close to the US postal box. Then swoosh, he comes down with a huge net and scoops up dozens of pigeons and puts them into his beige van, NY plates, and drives off, really fast. What the heck is going on? Pigeon snatching in Tribeca? The Icon Parking attendants have seen this before and think the guy’s hunting for dinner?” I don’t want to know more, but I do want to know more. Email me (photos especially welcome!) at

••• Saleya is opening for dinner tomorrow (Monday). I’d assume it’s the downstairs only. I’m hoping to be able to pass along a menu….

••• Taste of Tribeca’s “Dine Out Tribeca” night—to support the participating restaurants—is this Tuesday, Feb. 5.

••• The Lower Manhattan Marketing Association (LOMA) has started a campaign to get people to support the Seaport: “We are mounting a campaign: Map posters on the East River Ferry service; banners […] feet at the commuter ferry terminal at the World Financial Center; map posters at the Statue Cruises ticket desk; buoy posters at the head of pedestrianized Fulton Street and at South Street; 10,000 (as a first run) New York TAB Concierge maps with a blow-up of the neighborhood and its open businesses, distributed at J&R, on NYWater Taxi ferries, at visitor centers and hotels throughout the City.”

Seaport open



  1. Regarding the pigeons, I was in Zhongshan in southern China last year for work and the Sheraton Hotel we stayed in claimed to have a “western” restaurant. Having just recovered from a bout of food poisoning in Shenzhen, we went there and the first item on the “western” menu was a “Pigeon, Bacon, Letuce and Tomato Sandwich.” My co-worker toyed with the idea of ordering it and asking them to hold the pigeon. She ultimately decided not to risk it. I’m usually an adventurous eater, but after that trip I was tempted to kiss the ground at JFK.

  2. Regarding the pigeon snatching, what an odd thing to do! I was in disbelief when reading this entry because I saw the exact same thing happen 3 or 4 years ago at the Beach Street park….some guy came out of a van, threw some bread crumbs/food in the center of the park, pigeons flocked to eat the food, the guy throws a net over the pigeons capturing the pigeons, and drives away with the pigeons…

  3. He is probably netting the pigeons for sale to gun clubs where they shoot live pigeons at close range in Pennsylvania. It is against the law but never enforced. If you see this again, take a photo of the license plate and publish it.

  4. Let’s not lose sight of what we are talking about here. Pigeons are “flying rats”. The amount of disease they carry especially in their waste and droppings is legendary. I also like the characterization that there is a secret society that takes pigeons to Pennsylvania to shoot them at close range; You can’t make this stuff up……

  5. They serve squab (i.e. pigeon) at Mr. Chow’s. Yummy

  6. Can’t we just shoot them here and save the carfare?