Coming This Summer: Concerts on Pier 26

hudson river park pier 26Let’s just go straight to the press release (edited a bit for brevity): “Last summer, The Bowery Presents produced more than 20 NYC–area outdoor shows in Central Park, Prospect Park, Pier A (in Hoboken), and Hudson River Park’s Pier 63. And this coming summer, The Bowery Presents and Hudson River Park will again team up at the brand new Pier 26 in Tribeca for at least eight outdoor shows, with food and concessions available on-site. The first big show announcement will take place on February 4. Past summer performers by The Bowery Presents have included Bon Iver, Wilco, the Avett Brothers, Florence + the Machine, Sigur Rós, the Flaming Lips and Norah Jones. This year’s eclectic Pier 26 summer-concert lineup will be announced in early 2013.”

There’s nothing in the release about whether they’ll be free, which makes me assume they won’t be.

UPDATE: I asked if they’d be free, and this was the answer: “No these shows will be available for purchase on the Bowery Presents website—ticket sales for Fun. go on sale on 2/16.”



  1. How much is HRP earning from this? Since they’ve decided I’m a potential source of revenue for them through the NID, I have a new found and intense interest in their finances.

  2. @N: It’s safe to assume the proceeds are a drop in the bucket compared to the $11 million the park is projected to need annually (and I don’t know id that even takes Pier 40 into consideration)

  3. Hi Erik,

    Is there any sort of maintenance / upkeep budget that will be circulated to potential NID contributors?

    Personally I think $150/ year is not unreasonable but as they are requesting funds from the NID it would be fascinating to see how these funds are going to be spent. $11 million a year is a lot for pep and planting :)

    P.s. At work our Bid fees have essentially tripled from what they were 10 years ago when we first moved into the BID. Comical when one considers the “beautiful” corner at 35th and 8th! Most of the funds are spent around the Macy’s area etc. and we are paying for it with very little provided in terms of service.

    Welcome to Bidanomics ;)

  4. @Rohin – Please tell us you’re being ironic with your comment – “At work our BID fees have essentially tripled from what they were 10 years ago when we first moved into the BID, ‘BUT THAT ASIDE I’ personally think $150/ year is not unreasonable.”
    The HRP was created because they stated it could be self-sustaining, now it’s going to go from costing $.00/SF to a tax of $.075/SF….I am not good with math, but does that mean the cost to taxpayers has more than tripled already?