Tribeca’s Best Lobby Art

That headline should be a question but (a) I figured you’d be more likely to read this post if the headline was a statement, and (b) I’m hoping for your input.

Which Tribeca building has the best art in its lobby? The question hit me when I was visiting Hal Bromm Gallery at 90 W. Broadway, where a huge painting by Luis Frangella overlooks the ground floor. (I suppose it helps to have an art dealer in your building—indeed, work by Luis Frangella is available through Hal Bromm Gallery.) I love this painting! Even though it’s so big that it’s hard to take a good photo of it! But I wondered what else is out there that I’ve never seen. What’s hanging in your lobby? Send me a photo to and I’ll add it here. Whether I include your address is up to you. Or feel free to recommend the art in a building you don’t live in!

Another fantastic work just occurred to me: Grimanesa Amorós’s “Terrarium” on N. Moore.

terrarium 61311graimesa amoros terrarium 112012Toni Silber-Delerive sent over photos of her paintings. Her lobby at 155 Hudson is “My own personal gallery that I show different periods of my painting career.”

 And Janet Goldner sent her work at 52 Warren:

Janet Goldner

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  1. I think this is a great idea and I just submitted my art which is hanging in my lobby.

  2. Thank Erik for posting but the first image is missing.