Instagram Tribeca (Vol. 1)

I’m not much of an Instagram user, but when someone posts a pretty photo—and tweets it, and that tweet includes the word “Tribeca”—I capture it for my “Instagram Tribeca” Pinterest page. Instagram, if you’re not familiar with it, is a smart-phone app that lets you manipulate photos in myriad ways—juice up the color, add the patina of age, focus selectively, and more—and share them. Since the first sentence’s use of “Instagram,” “tweet,” and “Pinterest” can be unnerving, I expect some of you will never venture over to that Pinterest page, which is a shame, because Instagram photos can be really lovely. (There’s also a “Where in Tribeca…?” page.) So here are 13 of my favorites.

Note: Drift over the photo to see the user’s name. If you took one of them and you don’t want it to run here, please just say so and I’ll remove it.



  1. This small range of Tribeca photos are just terrific. For the few , who like me , want to have something that can collect dust vs virtual , how could I get these 13 printed ?

    (ordered from them once, nothing to complain about…)

  3. Beautiful photos! I especially like ## 6, 11 and 13.

  4. These are really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them!