In the News: Previewing the Restaurant at All Good Things

all good things cocktail••• Someone posted on Chow about Le Restaurant, opening soon downstairs in All Good Things (apparently you can sample the tasting menu upstairs now, if you reserve): “I sampled the 5 course tasting menu (maybe 6 courses lol). They do not tell you what they will bring out, and that will continue when they open the basement restaurant. There are no changes or substitutions (unless you have allergies). There are no choices. You don’t know what they are serving until it is cooked and served. No advance notice. No printed menu.” There’s a dish-by-dish report. I happened to be at the bar last night, very much enjoying that cocktail with gin, roasted chile, lemon, and honey.

••• The Drama League announced the names of its new facility at 32 Sixth Ave.: “The Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley Studio Lab and The Joseph and Lauren Pizza Welcome Center, both to be components inside the new Drama League Theater Center.” I was sort of hoping the whole place would be called “the DL.” —Broadway World

••• Potbelly reopened on Maiden Lane. —Downtown Lunch (speaking of the DL!)

••• Is Mexican chef Enrique Olvera opening a restaurant at 39 N. Moore? “Food writer ER Gagit asked directly on Twitter this morning, to which Olvera has just responded ‘shhhhh! ;-)‘” —Grub Street

••• “Debate, But No Vote, on Hudson Square Rezoning.” —Curbed

••• “Retired South Ferry Station May Reopen Temporarily.” —New York Times


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