In the News: Details on That Mexican Restaurant

••• The New York Post followed up on the Lindsay Lohan sightings, learning that the folks behind the proposed Mexican restaurant include “chef Enrique Olvera of acclaimed Mexico City restaurant Pujol [that’s its photo above], and Lohan had simply been with another party that looked at the space when it became available.” The menu at Pujol looks terrific, but will residents be concerned about a mid-block restaurant, regardless of how nice it sounds?

••• The man who bought big at 1 York is indeed Tilman J. Fertitta, who “made a whale-sized fortune selling shrimp at tourist-oriented chains like Bubba Gump.” —New York Observer

••• The Broadsheet checks in with Merchants Hospitality about the state of its many downtown restaurants.

••• “With construction on the new Pier 17 set to begin on July 1, we wondered if the Seaport’s summer concert series would still be happening this summer. Music fans need not worry. A rep from Howard Hughes tells us they will still be hosting the Seaport Music Festival and the River-to-River Festival, but the events calendar is not yet finalized.” —Curbed

••• Snow-removal at the top of 1 World Trade Center. —Beehive Hairdresser (via Curbed)



  1. The New York Post called the landlord and he said in no uncertain terms that Lindsay Lohan rumors are 100% false. He even speculated that they were fabricated to get attention.

  2. @Jim: Yes, that’s the New York Post article linked to above.