In the News: Mourning Another Old Building

••• The Tribeca Trib has an article about the landlord-vs.-tenants situation at 39 N. Moore, possible home to a fancy Mexican restaurant. Of note: “A partner in the project,” Santiago Perez, “told the Trib that [Lindsay] Lohan is a ‘friend of a friend.'” (He also said she has no involvement in the project.)

••• The Broadsheet mourns the impending demolition of 22 Thames.

••• Manhattan Loft Guy is looking for someone to verify the story that a building on Leonard bought the adjacent parking lot (at Hudson and Worth) to protect its light and views. I heard it once, but I can’t recall from whom.

••• Filmmaker Casey Neistat looks into calorie counts for the New York Times, including visiting the Chipotle on Broadway and a local bodega (that I don’t recognize), according to Thanks to @JaredZlotnick who pointed the video out. (Did you know that the city insist on calorie counts for certain restaurants but doesn’t require verification?)

••• “A Trinity Church member has sued his troubled parish over the election of its leadership.” —DNAinfo

••• Local NIMBYism about the bike-share stations. —Tribeca Trib

••• Cheryl McKissack Daniel of McKissack & McKissack (which is “involved in several infrastructure projects”) talks to the New York Times about the World Trade Center transportation hub: “The World Trade Center started out being about 48 months and quickly grew to about six years. And now, after Sandy, that added another year and a half to the whole project. Everything was flooded—everything was new and flooded. And all of that had to be replaced because it’s all electrical work.” (via 2nd Ave. Sagas)

••• Former model Trish Goff is now a real estate broker for Elliman, and since she was interviewed at Greenwich Grill, I’d assume she’s working out of the office at Hudson and Leonard. Or maybe not: “She has a desk at an Elliman office, but she isn’t chained to it. ‘I don’t have a cubicle, so that’s good,’ she said.”—New York Times



  1. was the bodega New Fancy Food on Bway & Leonard?

  2. @jfrankp: I asked Neistat, and yes, it is.