In the News: Jackie Robinson Museum

•••  The New York Post looks into the finances of the Jackie Robinson Museum, three years after it was supposed to open.

••• Interior Design visits the Tribeca showroom of Bolon (right), which makes woven vinyl flooring. It’s in the American Express Carriage House (60 Collister), and it has a full kitchen and dining area.

••• “The bunker-like base of 1 World Trade Center is getting a shine. Each day, more shimmering glass covers are hoisted and fastened onto the building’s 186-foot high podium. More than 2,000 of these ‘green’ panels, each with two sheaths of glass, will make up the tower’s base once it is finished later this year or early next.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “The owners of four-unit Tribeca condo conversion 8 Thomas Street had a bit of trouble unloading the building’s 3,197-square-foot duplex penthouse after spending years complaining to anyone who would listen about the whole place smelling like a McDonalds.” The penthouse is back on the market. —Curbed


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  1. While it’s great that someone saved 8 Thomas, that wasn’t very smart marketing, was it?

    Of course, I still miss the lovely restaurant that used to be on the ground floor, but that’s another issue entirely.