Seen & Heard: A New Lenny’s Restaurant

lennys park place••• Lenny’s, which sells diner/deli food, is opening on Park Place between Church and Broadway—never been to one, so I don’t know if that’s exciting or depressing, but the chainification of south Tribeca, presumably an effect of 1 World Trade Center, is starting to be a concern. (Instead of Tribeca spreading south, FiDi appears to be creeping north.) The space goes through to Murray, and right now the door says “delivery entrance.” I do hope that storefront gets a bit more respect.

••• Museum—in an old freight-elevator shaft on Cortlandt Alley—reopens Feb. 23. Says the release: “In addition to the new collections on display, Museum will unveil renovations to the space such as a gift shop with exclusive items for purchase—including a series of books developed and produced by Museum—and a café featuring an espresso menu and selection of homemade baked goods and desserts curated by a variety of local purveyors and chefs.”

••• My Little Sunshine, the kids’ shop coming at 145 Hudson, has signage in the works. I think this is going to be a very fast opening.

••• At Hotel Particulier on March 3: “Low Tea and High Conversation”,” an event billed as “the first conversation series from the Oxford Muse in the US.” Here’s the description: “You will be served a delicious ‘low tea’ (traditionally, but mistakenly, known as the luxurious ‘high tea’) of sandwiches, pies, pastries, petits fours, cakes, tea, coffee. In addition, you’ll be asked to participate in something amazing: a Conversation Meal. Developed out of the University of Oxford, the conversation will be unlike anything you have done before. You will be seated in pairs with someone you have never met, or know only vaguely. You are each given a Menu of Conversation that looks like a restaurant menu, but instead of descriptions of food dishes, each heading contains topics to talk about—25 in all. Our conversation expert, Alex Grigor (Oxford Muse Foundation), will introduce the meal and explain how to proceed and the rules of what is more than a game. Each of you will choose a topic, and when you have finished discussing it, the other chooses a topic, and so you go through the Menu. That normally takes two hours, though we have known it to last much longer.” Consider yourself warned! Tickets are $48.

••• New Amsterdam Market will launch a campaign next week to promote the preservation of the fish market. Sign the petition at

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  1. Lenny’s is one of the cleanest restaurants you will find. Their sandwiches are outstanding as well as their breakfasts. They cater. Love to stand there and just watch them prepare an order for catering. They are top notch.

  2. when will you be opening up your park place franchise?