Paint It White

There comes a point every winter when, unless you’re a student hoping for a day off, the thought of more snow isn’t all that appealing. But if anything can get you excited about the possibility, it’s Olympus Visionary Photographer Milo Hess’s portfolio of the two most recent storms.

About the photographer: Olympus Visionary Photographer Milo Hess shoots freelance for Community Media and is a freelance art director/graphic designer specializing in corporate branding design. A former associate art director for WCBS TV, he also designed the on-air look of NY1 News when it came on the air in 1991; the more than 35 professional design awards he has received include five Emmy Awards for Outstanding Graphics in TV Design. He can be reached at



  1. MARVELOUS WORK ! Thank you for the wake up call. Opening the eyes of so many of us to the things around us. Helping us take notice of the little things, that make up the big things.

  2. Milo, these are so wonderful – as is all of your work! I often see you rushing down Harrison St., camera in tow, and wonder, “Where is he headed now? Will I get to see what his lens has captured?” Thanks for sharing!