Big News About the Brookfield Place Food Court

Major news about the restaurants coming to Brookfield Place, as the renovated-and-rebranded World Financial Center will be known, according to the New York Times:

The restaurants include an outlet of Umami Burger, a Los Angeles-based chain that offers house-ground patties infused with a savory flavor-enhancer that includes dried shiitake mushrooms and ground seaweed; Num Pang, a Cambodian-inspired shop for made-to-order sandwiches, which already has three outlets in Manhattan; and Little Muenster, which offers what it calls “super-fancy grilled-cheese sandwiches” in its two stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Also arriving will be Dos Toros Taqueria—inspired by the Gordo Taqueria chain in the Bay Area—selling house-made hot sauces and upscale ingredients for its Mexican tacos, burritos and quesadillas; Chop’t, part of a salad chain that offers 60 fresh ingredients and 25 homemade dressings; and Sprinkles, an outlet of the influential Beverly Hills-based bakery chain with 20 varieties of cupcakes.

The terrace will include the third shop of Skinny Pizza, a Long Island-based chain that sells thin-crust pizza in standard, whole-wheat or gluten-free varieties, with antibiotic- and-hormone-free meats, and Dig Inn, a health-food restaurant that also features hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients.

The Times says there’s space for six more restaurants in the second-floor “Dining Terrace,” which has seating for 600 people; it’s being design by AvroKO, “with luxe marble tables, walnut furniture and leather-covered chairs.”

What else is currently known about Brookfield Place: The food court will be above the market (to be run by Peter Poulakakos of Harry’s Italian and Financier), and Michael Kors and Burberry are two retailers to have signed leases in the mall.

UPDATE: Having just looked at the Dig Inn menu, I don’t think “health-food restaurant” really describes it. It reminds me of Westville—classic Americana with healthfulness in mind.



  1. Very exciting news!

  2. Num Pang is amazing. Great news.

  3. Looking forward to having more good food places.