In the News: More on Today’s Garage Fire

••• Downtown Express has a smoky photo of this morning’s fire. It evidently started in the upstairs welding shop, and the only person hurt was a firefighter, who is doing OK. (The photo above is mine, since I’m not sure whether Downtown Express would allow me to runs its image.)

••• At the Skyscraper Museum from Feb. 27 through July 14: The Woolworth Building @ 100. “The Skyscraper Museum’s centennial celebration examines the many dimensions of the skyscraper’s novelty and the achievements of its designers and builders—from the advanced technology of its engineering and construction to the extraordinary abundance and intricate variety of its handmade terra-cotta ornament.”

••• “WTC Construction Workers Busted for Selling Pot.” Which is better than using it, no? —DNAinfo

••• Just Jared ran pap snaps (an iffy coinage, but I float it out there anyway) of Emma Stone dining with “a mystery male” in Tribeca. The construction looks Tribecan, for sure, but the windows don’t. Or is that Bubby’s? (By the way, if you never saw Easy A, I highly recommend it.)

••• Pearl Street Diner and the Duane Reade at Broad and Beaver have reopened. —FiDi Fan Page

••• Manhattan Loft Guy parses a sale at 119 Chambers.

••• Downtown Lunch checks out 98 Saffron Fresh Indian (as I think it’s name is now) on Chambers.


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  1. I wish the police would bust all of the people hanging out and smoking pot during the afternoon and evening on Staple Street.