Seen & Heard: Garage Fire

desbrosses fire2desbrosses fire1••• There was a fire at the Chad-Erik garage at the northwest corner of Greenwich and Desbrosses this morning. By the time I got there, only a wisp of smoke coming out of the roof was visible.

••• I figured Nili Lotan’s taking over of the Karkula space on Walker was a temporary thing for Fashion Week, but now I’m hearing otherwise…. Hope to find out more soon.

••• There’s a pop-up gallery called Gitler & _____ on the fourth floor of 11 Beach, according to the release I received: “Gitler & _____ is pleased to announce the closing reception for ROOMS, which will take place on Thursday, March 14 in its temporary Tribeca location at 11 Beach Street.” And the PR rep follow up with this description of the operation: “Avi travels around the U.S. and internationally, buying up original pieces from working artists, then he stages limited-run pop up exhibits around NYC, where he sells the works and helps generate buzz where he can for these artists.”

maslow 6 menu••• Maslow 6 Wine Bar posted its menu outside, which was probably a good idea because I had no idea it had so many delicious-sounding soups and sandwiches.

••• Work has start on the funky old wooden storefront at Hubert and Collister—the one that had “Raw Cream Music Building” on it back in the 1980s. I floated the question about the Raw Cream back story, but never heard anything. Do you know? Email me.

••• The New York Academy of Art has a very sexy show in its lobby right now. The work that spoke to me most, however, surprisingly had no nudity. Its “A Forward Pull” by Kristy Gordon. My photo doesn’t quite do it justice; go see it in person.

A Forward Pull by Kristy Gordon



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  1. Glad to see mention of NYAA.. its great place to see art by very talented emerging artists and to buy art at very reasonable prices..(..that some day will be worth much much more…..)