In the News: FiDi’s Transient Population

••• “The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey asks residents all over the country whether they live in the same house they did the year before. And according to an analysis of that mobility measure from 2007 to 2011, compiled by Social Explorer and the Queens College Department of Applied Research, of the top 20 ZIP codes in New York City, six of them were in Lower Manhattan, bundled in or around the financial district.” —New York Times

••• “As 80 South Street comes closer to a reality, New York YIMBY sat down to discuss the skyscraper with its chief architect, Anthony Morali. Mr. Morali is still fine-tuning the tower’s design—now set to rise 1,018 feet—but unlike the original Calatrava proposal, Morali’s iteration of 80 South Street seems like it will actually get built.” (via Curbed)

••• The AP has a story about how the Seaport is a “ghost town” there’s a video interview with the Bridge Café’s Adam Weprin.

••• “Another year and another nightlife plan for the Trump Soho Hotel. This time they are calling it The Spot, a basic lounge with some banquettes and Chinese lanterns to wow customers looking for bottles as close to the Holland Tunnel as possible.” Not to be confused with Spot. —Eater



  1. It depends on what building you look at. I live at 80 John which was profiled in 2009 by the New York Times when FiDi was coined and is still called “The Diaper District.” Our building is packed with kids. They simply aren’t building the schools fast enough to accommodate the growth. We have become very close friends with many of our neighbors. As a matter of fact, a big group of us are going out to dinner tonight at Acqua! We love living in FiDi and our building is not unique. It is repeated at all of the Condominiums downtown, 59 John, 15 Broad, 99 John, 75 Wall, etc…. Well except apparently at 20 West Street. :-) I say it’s time for another article. Come back to 80 John and we’ll show you a building where lots of people have put down roots!

  2. I agree with Louis.

    Nine years ago, when we first moved to our current location on Fulton Street, we were the only family with children. Today, our small condo building with just 14 units has a total of 15 kids! All around us new buildings are being built, and old ones are getting renovated and converted into condos or co-ops. It is also very apparent with sidewalk traffic that many young families are moving in, not the other way around.