Ready for Another Middle Eastern Restaurant?

photoI guessed that a burger joint was coming to the old Carl’s Steaks space at 79 Chambers, but I was wrong. This morning, the doors were open so wide that I was positively pulled in. According to the writing on the wall, the restaurant will be the second outpost of the Hummus & Pita Co. (or Thapco, as I think I’ll think of it); the original location is at Sixth Ave. and 17th St. I still think burgers were a good guess—the aesthetic inside is sort of americanaish. The Chelsea one sounds that way, too: It “features everything from Counterevolution tables made from reclaimed bowling alley wood to wallpaper made from recycled materials.” (And don’t you think a BLT Burger or whatever would kill it in southeast Tribeca?)

Thapco’s menu extends well beyond hummus and pita, also including gyros, shawarma (love that word), steak, and more, and you have options similar to those at Chipotle around the corner: wrap your chosen fillings in a laffa, fill a pita with them, have them in a bowl or a platter, and so on. The pita and laffa breads are baked on site in a taboon oven.

The folks at the Chelsea location say the Chambers restaurant will open in about two weeks.



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