Seen & Heard: Franklin Station Café Is Back

••• Folks missing Franklin Station Café should head northeast: Troy points out that Aux Epices has opened at 121 Baxter, just north of Canal. (It’s across from something called Dinkies that looks like it might require further investigation.) The menu in the window—click to enlarge—says it was formerly Franklin Station Café. Not sure how this relates to their Upper West Side operation.

••• Jerry’s Café has reopened, now that its renovations are done.

••• Got around to having dinner at Saleya…. I was alone, so I sat at the bar. The place has a sweet, friendly vibe, and the prices are remarkably low for these parts. The stiffness in the service that I recall from when the restaurant opened was gone, although that was in good part due to the amiable bartender. (“I’m usually more fun,” he said—which could have been a threat under other circumstances—”but I have to wait tables too, because someone didn’t show up to work.”)

••• Tribeca Canvas tweeted that as of Friday it’ll be open till 4 a.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

••• From Brandy Library: “Knappogue Castle Irish Single Malt Whiskey tasting with Caroline Simmons on Wednesday, February 27, from 6 to 8 p.m. Come and taste the Twin Wood series, 14 and 16 year-old. As usual for these complimentary tastings taking place on the main floor, you do not need to RSVP, but you should make a reservation, should you stay for drinks. Large groups are not welcome.”

••• A friend reports that the produce prices at the Amish Market have basically doubled, possibly a result of its new ownership, which she said is Italian.

••• Karen asked me to forward the recipe for Tiny’s kale salad if I did indeed get it, and when I said I didn’t have it (or much hope that I would), she Googled it. The And Baby Cakes Three blog recreated it last year; see its photo at left.

••• Reading at the next Pen Parentis event on March 12: Austin Ratner, L. Annette Binder and David Ebenbach.

••• Anyone know what’s happening in the old Carl’s Steaks space on Chambers? I figured it would be along the lines of its neighbors—which include a check-cashing joint—but the new façade is rather nice, and when the door was open the other day, and I peeked in, I was surprised to see that it was relatively fancy. (My hunch would be a burger joint along the lines of the ones that have opened everywhere but here.)

••• Collect Pond Park is coming along; the benches have been installed.

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  1. RE: Dinkies
    I too was struck by this odd little spot north of Canal, so I took the bait for lunch. I don’t really know what to tell you. The menu items are completely bizarre and diminutive. If there is a hot night-spot in the nearby area, maybe this place rocks it out at 3am when everyone is drunk, hungry and indiscriminating?

  2. I worked next door to Franklin Station for years and I was so sad to see them go…..I’m so glad they are back! Hopefully, Marc and Mai were able to get some of their staff back too. Unfortunately I am now out in Ohio but now that I know the news back in my old hood …I know I should make a special trip to visit them.

  3. Dinkies refer to Aebleskiver Danish pancakes with different toppings. The one I tried, banana, was good but I don’t think I’ll go running back. I hope Carl’s Steaks becomes a great burger joint. We need one.

  4. We really missed Franklin Station! Thanks so much for reporting this.

    I looked at the menu. No salmon congee yet, but if they bring that back, we will find an apartment on that block and move there.

  5. Franklin Station Cafe is sorely missed! That and Thai House Cafe..

    However, their Blue Caravan on the UWS closed over a year ago, I believe…

  6. I believe Amish is now owned by Key Food — that’s the name on the receipts as of last week. Unfortunately, it seems that the quality of offerings is going down. Much of the produce is now shrink-wrapped, and there is more processed food than before.

  7. Yes, salmon congee!

  8. Soooooo happy about Aux Epices! And hoping that the Curry Chicken Noodle is something like the former Curry Chicken Udon–my go-to dish when I needed cheering-up.

    Too bad the Serious Eats guy doesn’t seem to know the history of the restaurant.