Seen & Heard: Good News About the Butterfly

••• I saw some demolition happening at the Butterfly today, which is good news. (That’s the Michael White bar and restaurant coming to the squat white building just south of Café Clementine.) Less good: I peeked inside—no way is it opening anywhere near next month.

Woodrows anniversary••• Woodrow’s is celebrating its first anniversary with a party on Friday and deals all weekend. See the graphic at right for details.

••• I posted the answer to last week’s Where in Tribeca…?

••• Opening Saturday at RH Gallery: a group show of 34 artists’ works concerning “regal, pervasive, and occasionally ominous plant life.”

••• And on Tuesday, March 5, “Apexart turns into a ‘supper club’ for the evening with snacks and refreshments. Featuring: Rick Moody & Tim Davis singing about the dinner where they met; John Yau & Eugene Lim on remembering the Robert Creeley memorial; Charles Bernstein & Elizabeth Willis on the obvious.” It’s free.

••• A welcome sign of spring at Langdon Florists yesterday….


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