Trattoria Cinque Appears to Be Closing

The Community Board 1 agendas for March just came out—I’ll post them a bit later—but a quick glance dug up one major bombshell: “363-367 Greenwich, application for a liquor license for American Cut.”

363 Greenwich is currently the site of Trattoria Cinque, the 250-seat Italian restaurant Russell Bellanca opened in 2009—but presumably it’s closing. I emailed owner Bellanca for a comment, as well as to find out if he plans on reopening it elsewhere.

American Cut, meanwhile, is the 11,000-square-foot steakhouse that Marc Forgione opened last year in the Revel resort in Atlantic City. It’s not a huge surprise that the space would appeal to Forgione and his team, seeing as how it’s near the Marc Forgione flagship restaurant and Kio, the Southeast Asian restaurant he’s opening in the old Duane Park space at 157 Duane. Also, the clubby space would seem to lend itself to a steakhouse. In fact, the photo of the original American Cut below looks like it could’ve been shot in the 363 Greenwich space.



  1. Sad. Will miss their pear & Gorgonzola pizza.

  2. shame, we love Cinque! It’s a reasonably priced, nice local place to eat.

  3. So sad! We loved their brunch! That french toast was crazy good.

  4. I gotta say, I always found it to be a nice enough place, after a few visits that featured disinterested (almost dismissive) service we couldn’t be bothered to go back. Clearly others enjoyed it.

    Now when it was Devin Tavern…. That was fantastic.

  5. Eh, never thought it was that good. Always preferred Max’s, ROC, etc… I e-mailed Ippudo to try to get them to take the space. That’s my jam.

  6. Does the neighborhood really need another elite, high-priced steakhouse? Trattoria Cinque’s ambiance was better than their cuisine. Still, it was reasonably priced and welcoming to families (not just bankers). They will be missed.

  7. @Nelle, that’s how I feel about it too.

  8. If it’s good enough for the Atlantic City elite, then it will fit in just fine with Tribeca’s anti-DiaperBagger consortium.

  9. Does the neighborhood really need another elite, high-priced steakhouse?

    I’ll give that a +1

  10. Who is Jim Smithers and is he really Erik Torkells?

  11. @L: I don’t know, and no, he is not.

  12. We need more sushi places!