In the News: Pier 40 Debate

pier 40 41312••• Curbed reports on last night’s Pier 40 forum.

••• Also: “A new study [on Pier 40] suggests that Douglas Durst’s idea to create new office and retail space could have more financial risk than a community plan to build two new residential towers. The Hudson River Park Trust, a nonprofit that controls the park, hired real-estate brokerage Newmark Grubb Knight Frank to examine the two proposals currently on the table for developing the pier and helping to generate revenue for repairs and maintenance of the park.” —Wall Street Journal

••• Curbed takes a relatively long look at the history of the American Thread Building, St. John’s Park (which must have been lovely), and Tribeca.

where in tribeca red hydrant••• I almost ran a photo of a red fire hydrant as today’s yet-to-be-solved Where in Tribeca…?, but then I saw a second one. Before I could really wonder why some were red, the New York Times explained why—”as a signal to firefighters that they are fed by a wider water main.”

••• “Wednesday was the seventh anniversary of the African burial ground on Duane Street, east of Broadway, being designated a national monument. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who represents Lower Manhattan, marked the occasion by introducing legislation to upgrade the site to a museum.” It’s not clear how that’s different from what’s there now. —Broadsheet

••• “Crime in Manhattan’s 1st precinct has dropped by 43 percent in the last year. —Tribeca Trib



  1. In my imagination, thought bubble above Howard’s head: “Proceed as usual?”

  2. Well, linkin to another story in WSJ is not what I had in mind, and does nto address the NID tax, but better than nothing

  3. Erik, maybe time to block some haters. It’s unfortunate but I, for one, don’t enjoy watching someone who spends his time servicing the community (gratis) being monitored and attacked.

  4. Another source claims StrollerlessTribecaHottie is in fact a man, and possiblt Mr. Torkells

  5. Adam, If reading this causes you to have such anxiety and anger, why read it?
    Its not required reading…..

  6. OMG – so so sooooooooo sorry it’s taken me so long to weigh in on this controversy-a-palooza. But the results from “the LAB” took longer than expected for a Friday afternoon in early-early March. That being said and appreciated, after looking ever so closely at the initial reports, it seems that the data only confirms and verifies and makes certain that the IP address of “the Adam” and “the Doctor” are actually emanating from the same apartment in the BPC area-ish and/or “smart”phone. These results coupled with “the Adam’s” hilarious tendency to misspell every other word in “his or her” comments, similar to that of “the Doctor,” leads cyber-bullshitting experts to believe that “the Adam” and “the Doctor” are one in the same. GASP! Again, these are just initial reports and are subject to alternate universe interpretations. My team will be at “Weather-Up” pouring over the data for the rest of this evening, if anyone wants to put in their two cents or buy a round or two cents. The NYPD and the FBI’s Cyber-Bullshitting TASK FORCE and ASSAULT TEAMS are standing by. Kirk out.