Photo Safari!

bus caption here. MM Devoe

“Excuse me, does this train go to Chinatown?” (Thanks to M. M. Devoe)

door caption here

Did someone have a bad experience at Kaffe 1668?

If only it were that easy.

If only it were that easy.

best fake plants ever? worst fake plants ever?

TD Bank either has the best fake plants ever (because they drop leaves) or the worst (because they drop leaves).

Always makes me think men more likely mistakes

Women don’t need signs.

poor guy

Whenever I see the lottery guy mutilated in some new way, I wonder what walking around the city must be like for him.

The bleeding eyes aren't looking so bad right now....

The bleeding eyes aren’t looking so bad right now….

A thousand times no.

A thousand times no.



  1. Should I not have included that last one? It makes me uncomfortable. If people find it objectionable, please let me know.

  2. This is among your best ever. Re: the last one, we all feel the same way about it, I’m pretty certain. Discomfort’s a huge part of humor and you’ve nothing to worry about by reiterating this, imo. Everyone knows this doesn’t reflect actual convictions.

  3. Well said David.
    I view street photography as a record, not a statement.