Seen & Heard: Asphalt Green Has Electricity

••• Visible progress at 56 Leonard (above).

CommCntrIMG_1820••• The Battery Park City authority posted an update on Asphalt Green on its website (scroll down a bit): “The primary switch gear lever was moved to the ON position, energizing the two new transformers. They provided electricity to the facility, which will be operated by Asphalt Green, for the first time in more than three months. […] The return of full electrical power now enables work crews to check the condition of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that have been non-operational since the storm. […] When the heating system eventually returns to operation, other aspects of the remediation work such as the curing and subsequent installation of the wood for the gymnasium can take place. From there, a projected timeline for completion of the rest of the necessary work will be finalized and posted here.” Couldn’t resist including that photo.

••• From Kutsher’s Tribeca: “We also started baking all of our own breads from scratch – the onion rolls and challah are to die for and are available for sale, along with our famous cookies in the new retail bakery operation at the restaurant.”

••• Since there isn’t enough new for an In the News post: The New York Times has an article about automated parking systems like the one in One York.



  1. Did Kutshers install brand-new equipment, or were the ovens, mixers, retarders, etc. still there from the mid-1990s, when 186 Franklin was Tribakery and there was a retail bakery operation at the front of the store with a lunch-service deli behind.* If Kutshers would bring back the pretzels that Tribakery used to make, I’d be much more inclined to visit it.

    *This was before many of Tribeca Citizen’s readers moved into the neighborhood: before that space was Kutshers, before it was Mai House, even before it became Zeppole, that space was a wholesale and retail bakery supplying all Myriad restaurants with terrific breads, rolls, cakes, and such. Everything old is new again, eh?

  2. Isn’t it great to have readers with encyclopedic memories of Tribeca’s history?

  3. They assembled the tower crane for 56 Leonard over the weekend. Pretty cool to see up close how they do that.

  4. @Mike: Indeed! I was walking up Church and had to wait for one part to be wheeled around the corner from Leonard, and when I said to the worker who was making me wait that I could’ve beaten the crane, he said, “You don’t wanna get hit by that.” (I agreed.) Here’s a photo of the crane from earlier today: