Seen & Heard: What’s Happening Above Chipotle

281 broadway hudson spine••• If you were wondering what was going on at the second floor of 281 Broadway—between Chambers and Reade, above Chipotle—Hudson Spine and Pain Consultants is moving from 350 Broadway.

••• The door to under-construction Blueberry Fusion Café (on the same block as Birdbath) was open this morning. By the looks of things, it’s not coming soon.

••• From Hudson River Park: “Construction has begun to restore Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 playground, which was nearly destroyed in Superstorm Sandy [….] The two-year-old playground […] sustained nearly $500,000 in damage during the October storm and has remained closed since. The restoration is being funded largely by community donations, which so far total more than $300,000 and will allow the popular Tribeca spot to reopen in early May.”

••• From D: “Just wanted to pass along a tip that Key Foods bought Amish Market as of Feb. 1. The manager just confirmed that and said that the brand and management are staying but things will be better in the store.” I had heard the new owners were Italian, but I don’t believe that came via a manager. Either way, I wish they’d consistently tune the radio they play in there. Staticky music drives me up the wall. UPDATE: Indeed, @speedypoodle noticed a charge for Key Foods on his credit card statement.

••• Karkula has opened in Williamsburg.

••• J. wants to know if anyone knows of a good mechanic who does emissions inspections in the area. If you know of one, either leave it in the comments or email me at and I’ll forward the info.

••• KP has a question, too: “I live on Leonard Street and every hour I hear church bells ringing—do you know which church bells I’m hearing?” I’ll investigate this, but I bet someone knows…. UPDATE: Two theories from a reader: “The church bells could be from St. Peters RC church at Barclay and Church. We now hear them on Murray Street, since the towers collapsed, and my windows face north. Before the disaster we never heard them on the north side of the building. But at Leonard the bells could also be St. Andrews at the east end of Reade St. Sound patterns have changed dramatically over the years due to the rooftop additions on buildings and as the high rises arrive, traveling across new paths.” UPDATE #2: Tommy Flynn commented that the bells could be coming from the Clocktower Gallery at 108 Leonard (a.k.a. 346 Broadway). I had no idea the gallery had bells! I called, and they said the bells do indeed chime every hour on the hour. That seems the likeliest answer to KP’s question.



  1. The bells KP hears could be from the Clocktower Gallery at 108 Leonard Street. A very cool space !

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