Seen & Heard: New FiDi Vegetarian Restaurant

••• @NYCDowntownDiva reports that Terri is opening a second restaurant—the original is in Chelsea—at 100 Maiden Lane (on Pearl between Maiden and Cedar) on March 23. From the website: “Terri is an all vegetarian quick service restaurant serving delicious, organic super foods seasoned like familiar favorites. Terri offers a wide range of menu items from the familiar such as a ‘meatball’ sub and a ‘bacon’ ‘chicken’ cheddar ranch sandwich to a hummus and avocado wrap and sugar free smoothies with kale and acia [sic?]. Terri boasts a menu packed with cancer fighting and age fighting anti-oxidants, zero cholesterol and no artificial ingredients.”

••• The SeaGlass carousel in Battery Park is topping off on April 18.

••• From Sandy Kraehling, whose Pan Latin was a longtime north Battery Park City favorite: “We are ramping up our catering service and that we have recently introduced products to retailers in the BPC area. In particular Battery Place Market—at both their locations at 77 Battery Place and 240 Murray Street (Goldman Sachs building). They are carrying some of our more popular Pan Latin dessert selections including Signature Guava Cream Cheese Bread Pudding, a variety of flavorful flans (i.e. classic vanilla, fair trade dark chocolate, orange and almond) as well as guava puffed pastry (a.k.a. pastales de guayaba) and our melt in your mouth dulce de leche–filled alfajor cookies.”

••• More info on the Jem Fabric Warehouse classes: “The classes will be at 81 White under the name Jemz,” commented Suzanne. “Not sure if the new owners will keep its Broadway location as a fabric store or not.” (81 White is indeed the Space on White.) I stopped by today, and I was told that the current space has to close—the building was sold—but the owners hadn’t decided whether to reopen elsewhere.

••• “Noticed the retail (old David Z) got papered up,” emailed R. about 376 Broadway (southeast corner of White). “Any idea what is going in there?” Nope! But I’ll keep my eyes and ears open—so if you know, email me at

••• Nicole sent over this photo of workers dismantling the Nikon Building on Warren.



  1. Do we know what’s happening to the Nikon building?

  2. I miss the Pan Latin coconut cake soooo much. Best I’ve ever had. If only I had the recipe.