Two Tribeca Artifacts

Must be something in the air today, because I received two wonderful Old Tribeca artifacts. The first is from Lynn Rogoff: Her grandfather Issac Wagner had a butter and egg business, I Wagner, at 147 Reade; this flyer (?) is from the early 1940s. She also sent a PDF of “Tribeca’s Coming of Age,” an article she wrote in 1988 for the New York Press. It’s a wonderful snapshot in time: Worrying that what made the neighborhood special has disappeared, marveling about the improvements (such as the Food Emporium), describing new businesses that didn’t end up surviving.

I Wagner courtesy Lynn RogoffI Wagner2 courtesy Lynn RogoffAnd then J. emailed me a flyer that D. had found online and sent around their building, saying, “Maybe you can do something with this old flyer from some 70’s nightlife in The Spice Building 64 N. Moore St in Tribeca. I understand there are still some pink walls in our storage units in the basement!”

64 NMoore disco flyerBackgammon! Crepes! The 70s really were decadent.

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  1. Why was it age 25+ (Guys) and age 23+ (Gals)? hmmm

  2. I think it’s great that you could go both dancing, and prancing there. Not every disco had both. 2 backgammon levels!?! Of course.

  3. According to the directions, only residents of Brooklyn or Staten Island need to know how to get there.

  4. It’s just so reassuring to know that CB1 held firm to a 4am closing. Somethings never change. Thank the Gods.

  5. If your name is DJ Dan Pucciarelli, of course your nickname is going to be Pooch:

  6. @JK: And Tribeca was one of Pooch’s all-time favorite clubs!

  7. We also used to slaughter live chickens here during that same era (I know because I was shocked when those writing the Historic District legislation finally banned it). Neighborhoods, and Community Boards, evolve.

  8. When we moved here in ’78, the neighborhood was still called Washington Market. What year did Tribeca come about?

  9. The age requirement kept the kids with fake ID out. This was a fantastic club, three levels, well dressed crowd…great memories there.