“All the Buildings in New York”: The Tribeca Edition

titletile_sizedScrolling through All the Buildings in New York, James Gulliver Hancock‘s amazing blog of illustrations, is like talking an idealized walk around the city—no honking horns or spitting pedestrians, and even our less attractive buildings look great. As you might expect, he hits the city’s architectural icons, but when he said I could run a handful of Lower Manhattan drawings, I was drawn attracted to the less-famous buildings. Locals aren’t supposed to look up, because that’s what tourists do, but we’re missing so much.

Information on buying prints of Hancock’s drawings is here, and details on commissioning one are here. Anyone who has moved a bit around the city should really consider getting drawings of every building he or she has lived in.

P.S. Thanks to the ever-reliable Manhattan User’s Guide for reminding me about Hancock’s blog.

jgh_town_45lispenardst-671x1024 jgh_town_92chambersst-744x1024 jgh_town_62beachst jgh_town_143reade-744x1024 jgh_town_311greenwich-744x1024 jgh_town_270broadway-546x1024Do go check out All the Buildings in New York. I don’t see how any New Yorker can’t be charmed by it.

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  1. Except the illustration of 45 Lispenard is really 50 Lispenard