Seen & Heard: Bread Tribeca Update

5 Beekman by Ahu••• Ahu noticed that the scaffolding is down from around 5 Beekman. But can it last?

••• Maslow 6 Wine Bar will start serving lunch on April 16.

••• Saluggi’s Sandwich Shoppe has closed for renovations; it’ll open next week or so.

••• From Brookfield Place: “Artists in temporary daily residency inside a pair of modified shipping containers will mint coins, collect rainwater, harvest solar energy, and tend a rooftop garden as part of a public art exhibition featuring two interactive installations at Brookfield Place Plaza starting on May 1. Commissioned by Arts Brookfield, TRANSported will park two 20-foot shipping containers on the riverfront plaza as part of the New Museum’s Ideas City Festival 2013, which challenges artists to reimagine the urban environment in a future shaped by depleted and destroyed resources.” I think we shall start referring to the plaza as Brookfield Plaza at Brookfield Place.

••• From Bread Tribeca: “We are very happy to announce that Bread Tribeca is springing into summer with a new Tribeca location! We’ll be reopening in about three months with a few new treats (hint: Breakfast, anyone?), as well as the same healthy options and delivery/takeout you already enjoy.” They won’t say where just yet. If anyone knows, I’m at

••• I’ve always been fascinated by the thin, windowless brick building (?) on the north side of Leonard between Broadway and Church, and the other day I saw a guy wheeling boxes of produce into the door. Is it storage for street vendors?

••• There’s demolition going on today inside the old David Z. space at Broadway and White.

••• Andrea went to Steven Alan Home Shop for First-Time Tuesdays. Here’s what she bought…. (If you did something new, tell me about it! If not, you have six days to prepare for the next one. And if I don’t get volunteers, I’ll start handing out assignments.)

from Steven Alan Home Shop



  1. The door on Leonard Street is the back entrance to the bodega on Broadway…

  2. @John: Thanks! I never would’ve guessed that.


    March 29, 2013

    You’ve asked, we’ve answered. BREAD Tribecca’s [sic] has a new space just a block away from it’s [sic] previous location. Stay tuned for more details about the space, opening late summer.”

  4. @James: Thanks. One block could be where White & Church was (despite a liquor-license application by someone else)…. Or at the southeast corner of Broadway and Walker (in a building undergoing conversion)….

  5. White and Church has a store for rent sign up today.

  6. @James: That sign has been up for a while, I think. And if I’ve learned one thing from doing this site it’s that “for rent” signs often stay long after the space has been rented. We’ll see….