Seen & Heard: A Bunch of East Tribeca News

84 white••• There have been clues that the 13-story building going up at 84 White would be funky. You can get a sense of what I mean from this photo; click to enlarge. (No rendering is around yet.)

••• Franklin Place (formerly Five Franklin Place, the building going up on Broadway between White and Franklin) is making progress. This is the view from Franklin Place, the street.

••• The TOAST art walk will have an exhibition space at 58 Lispenard—and Jeremy Landau’s photos of water towers will be on display there May 2-12.

••• From Brookfield Place: “Oaxaca Grill and Quality Burger return to the plaza on Monday! The outdoor seating is back, so enjoy your lunch al fresco!” Don’t call me Al….

••• There’s a moving sale this weekend (noon to 6 p.m. each day) at 27 Harrison, which is one of those old townhouses between Greenwich and West. The sign posted said to expect antiques, collectibles, and vintage bags, hats, and clothes.

world journal sign••• The World Journal bookstore at Broadway and White appears to be moving a few spots south to 373 Broadway.

••• When I said that Organic Modernism had closed its Broadway shop, I should’ve pointed out that it’s been incorporated into the White on White furniture store at 85 White Street.

••• Gina La Fornarina once again postponed its CB1 Tribeca presentation for a liquor-license application for the old Il Mattone space.

Collect Pond Park 4513••• Collect Pond Park is getting a lot closer. Click to enlarge.

••• The sidewalk at the southwest corner of Broadway and Duane looks like it’s going under the knife again.

••• Is the Benefit Card Center Pickup (or whatever it’s officially called) leaving Walker (or is it White?)? This sign certainly makes that impression….

benefit center



  1. What’s up with the signs on Dylan Prime? Is it being closed?

  2. Is there a new restaurant where stuzzicheria/pan panelle was?

  3. @Austin: It’ll be Latin American and called Los Americanos. Details here: (If you see it open, let me know!)