Seen & Heard: The Gap Said Not to Be Reopening

Simit and Smith••• Simit + Smith, the Turkish bagelish place coming to Worth Street, has signage up.

••• “The Friends of Washington Market Park is working to raise $6,500 this March and April to replace the three backboards on our Chambers Street courts.  We reached $4,635 this week and have less than $2,000 more to go!” I was just thinking about this earlier this morning! How about a free-throw contest (with kids’ and adults’ divisions); each contestant pays $5 and the person who makes the most in a row (without missing) wins a prize. I’m sure we can get a local business or two to pony up something sexy. Or just donate.

113 nassau low income apartments••• Community Board 1 sent out information on how to apply for one of the low-income apartments in 113 Nassau, now being built. See pic.

••• All Good Things is selling bottled Juice Press juices, if you’re looking for something new to mix with gin.

••• @NYCdowntowndiva tweeted “I hear the Gap is not reopening the Seaport. Not cool if you ask me. Was my go-to place for clothes. Shouldn’t give up on FiDi.” I can’t remember if we already knew for sure the Gap wasn’t reopening, but I’d be shocked it one didn’t open in one of downtown’s many upcoming retail extravaganzas. The smart money says the Fulton [Transit] Center.

••• I celebrated First-Time Tuesday early today, heading to Aux Epices for lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The restaurant had that small, appealing vibe you find at a place like Capri Caffe Sole di Capri. (It’s owned by the couple who used to have Franklin Station Café next to Pecan.) Go check it out! It’s on Baxter just above Canal. And take the kids—walking by all the bail-bond joints can be a teachable moment.

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  1. @NYCdowntowndiva …….. The Gap wanted to stay. Howard Hughes Corp, the Seaport’s developer did not want to renew the lease. it is looking to Upmarket the Seaport and that location is too valuable for a Gap store. That said, The Gap can easily reopen in lots of locations in FiDi; the old Rainbow store that just closed on Fulton and Cliff would be a great spot that would still get the foot traffic of everyone going back and forth to the Seaport!

  2. TD Bank is taking the former Rainbow space.

  3. @Will: Do you mean at 40 Fulton?