Seen & Heard: Is J&R Downsizing?

••• Yesterday’s item about the American Thread Building penthouse-with-rotunda brought back memories for Suellen Epstein of Children’s Tumbling: “Multigravitational Aerodance group, a.k.a. Aerodance, was the last renter of the rotunda (circa 1973-1978) before the Maklowe family sold or developed into a coop. We rehearsed and performed in the rotunda and adjoining room which had been an executive dining hall. The building was full of artists (eventually on month-to-month or no leases). And yes, that’s me at the top of the black and white photo, under the rotunda and also on the black structure. Remember this is pre–Cirque du Soleil!” Love the photos! UPDATE: The photos are by Charles Dexter.

••• “I was up at J&R last week and heard that they are closing two of their stores at the Beekman Street end,” emailed a reader. “Also heard that they did not own those buildings. I always thought the whole block was owned by J&R. Any news on your end?” I called J&R for a comment. I’ll update this when/if I hear back.

••• Taste of Tribeca posted its list of participating restaurants (so far). Nice to see two yet-to-open restaurants, Tetsu and Kye-Yo (formerly known as Kio?) on the list. UPDATE: The name of Marc Forgione’s upcoming Southeast Asian restaurant is still slated to be Kio.

••• Thanks to C. for sending over two photos of the progress at the Pier 25 playground.

Pier 25 playground Pier 25 playground2



  1. Love the aerial photos! Thanks Suellen Epstein

  2. AFAIK, J&R does not own the building that Weinstein & Holtzman is in; the family that owns W&H owns it. (As a side note, the late reporter Etta Sanders, who wrote for Tribeca Trib, was married to one of the brothers and they lived upstairs.)

  3. @Suzanne: Another reader email me to clarify “that Etta’s husband was unrelated and unconnected to the family owning Weinstein & Holtzman.”