Seen & Heard: Now That’s a Penthouse

32 avenue of the americas 4713••• Anyone know what’s being built atop 32 Sixth Ave.? (A new laboratory for Dr. Frankenstein? I’ve always those two antennas want electric bolts zapping between them.) I emailed someone in the leasing office but I never heard back. And I saw nothing on the Department of Buildings website (which I admit I’m not the best at using) or the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s website (except this, about street-level changes).

••• An interesting comment from Doug about the East River light show: “This reminds me of something I haven’t thought about in a long time, the laser show that happened one summer on top of the World Trade Center.  It was sometime in the early-mid 90’s, I think. There were two giant lasers on top of one of the WTC buildings. You could go up and buy a ticket, and they would play loud music and do a crazy laser show. It was sort of a ‘Lazer Floyd’ type of thing. Krystl and I only went up and saw it once, but that whole summer you could look up into the night sky and see the lasers bouncing around. It only lasted that one summer. I would love to find some pictures of it (I think we took some, but they were never digital, and are probably in deep storage), but it is pretty much impossible these days to search ‘World Trade Center laser show’ and come up with any pleasant results.” Anyone have a photo? Email

••• Remember: The Birds screens outside at Brookfield Place tonight.

••• Will Suarez of Massey Knakel commented that “TD Bank is taking the former Rainbow space.” I think Rainbow was a clothing boutique at 40 Fulton.

••• Before last night’s LoMa Lights presentation, the LMDC spoke to CB1’s Executive Committee about unspent funds. I’ll let someone else handle that report. What I found interesting was this handout detailing where money had been spent so far. I can’t speak to the choices. I just thought the sheer numbers were breathtaking. Click to enlarge.



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