Seen & Heard: Citi Bike Kerfuffle

••• A Citi Bike station went up yesterday on Watts just west of Greenwich—neighbors were dismayed, because it was evidently a surprise. It is an interesting choice; the people most likely around there to use Citi Bike live in Truffles, so why not put the station over there? Or in the Park That People Forgot, which you may know as Canal Park. I questioned on Twitter why anyone would orient the map like that—with Uptown to the right—and @BrooklynSpoke said “It’s called ‘heads-up’ mapping. Already widely used & successful in London.” (To which I said, “What do they know? They drive on the left.”) It’s depressing how anyone who disagrees with change is left feeling old, but seriously, was mapping broken? And while we’re asking questions, how much did Hudson Square pay to be included at all, let alone in that font size?

tablao sign••• It seems safe to guess that the old Flor de Sol space will be a restaurant called Tablao: a sign in the window about what to do with the mail includes the word “Tablao,” which means a place where flamenco is performed. So I’d also guess the place will be Spanish. No clue if the Flor de Sol GM is still in charge.

••• Macy Gray is playing her “On How Life Is” album from start to finish at City Winery on May 25 and 26.

••• Aamanns-Copenhagen will have outdoor seating starting Tuesday.

••• Arethusa, a fantastic dairy in Litchfield, Ct., sent this out: “For all you city folk, today (April 19) I will be at Dean & Deluca in Soho sampling our ice creams and milk between 4 and 6 pm. We are honored that they are launching our products in New York City. Come say hello!” Arethusa makes delicious old-school ice cream.

••• Did someone say “delicious”? Because I really enjoyed a cup of the Serene tea blend at Kanlo on Harrison yesterday. It’s a mix of chamomile, lavender, and spearmint, with none of those being overwhelming. I think I’ll pick some up to make into iced tea.

••• The Dig Inn up at 350 Hudson (between King and Charlton) is open.

••• There was a party to introduce the penthouse at 250 West last night. It could be yours for $42 million. Here’s part of the terrace.

250 west penthouse

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  1. The Citi Bike rack placements are a joke. Why did they take up so many available parking spaces along Hudson Street across from Morgan’s? It is already becoming hard to park in Tribeca with all the construction restrictions.
    Couldn’t they have put them in areas where parking is already not allowed?? And is there really a need to have so many racks so close to each other – Hudson and Reade and then Greenwich and Duane??